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Learn How to Buy Your FIrst Exotic Car in 90 Days

Want to learn how to own exotic cars for free? Join my Exotic Car Hacks training and learn the exact strategies over 500 students used to buy their first exotic car.

Learn How to Build a $1 Million Dollar Business

Want to learn how I've built million dollar businesses repeatedly? Join the Secret Entourage training and learn the three most important lessons I've learned.

Learn How to Buy and Sell Luxury Watches for Profit

Want to learn how to flip luxury watches for profits like exotic cars? Join Watch Conspiracy training and learn the exact strategies to make money flipping watches.

Upcoming Events in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sept 15th
Exotic Car Hacks Workshop


Attend our interactive in-person workshop to learn all about advanced wealth transfer strategies around luxury and exotic cars, and luxury watches so that you enjoy these luxuries without the cost associated.

Sept 8th
Secret Entourage Workshop and Meetup


Attend our in-person workshop to learn about building a business that has the potential to become a 7-figure company. After the workshop we'll be hosting a private meet-up for Secret Academy members.

Sept 16th
Watch Conspiracy Conference


Attend our first ever Watch Conspiracy conference where watch enthusiasts and traders come together to talk watches, buying and selling strategies, and trade amongst other watch collectors.

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Andy Frisella

Founder of 1st Phorm

This guy is the definition of the word self-awareness!

Tim Sykes

Founder of Profit.ly

If you're not reading his books, that's sad. You're missing out!

Fabio Viviani

Restauranteur and Celebrity Chef

Pejman is one of the smartest guys I've ever met!

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